Admission & Security

Admission is at 7 pm. We generally recommend that all movie-goers arrive early so that there is sufficient time for security and ticket checks.

The box office opens at 5 pm. Please note that tickets for the respective film in the online shop are only available until 4.59 pm on the day of screening.

For security reasons, it is not recommended to bring bags and backpacks larger than DIN A4 size. There is no cloakroom on site.

All films shown at alltours cinema are approved for screening by the German Voluntary Self-Regulation Body of the Film Industry (FSK). The FSK age ratings are as follows: FSK 0, FSK 6, FSK 12 FSK 16 FSK 18.

Children aged 6 and over may attend screenings with a rating of 12 as long as they are accompanied by a legal guardian. A chaperone is not sufficient.

The following are admitted to the cinema only in the company of a legal guardian or a chaperone:

  • children under the age of 6
  • children 6 years and older if the screening ends after 8 pm
  • young people under the age of 16 if the screening ends after 10 pm
  • young people 16 years and older if the screening ends after midnight

Current grounds for the respective FSK ratings are found here.

Excerpt from the Youth Protection Act


Find the current alltours cinema House Rules here.